Latest "Our Sunday Homily"

July 7, 2019 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Homily by Deacon Dr. Terrence R. Chisolm

Deacon told us that the readings today focus our attention on peace, and in particular, only the peace that God can give. The peace we receive is through Jesus Christ, our Savior. It is a peace that only God can give. The only way any of us can receive peace is not by being at peace with our financial or social portfolios, but we have to be at peace with God. Jesus Christ is the source of that peace. No matter what we do, God will provide His peace to us. It is only when we allow His peace to flow in our hearts that we can truly become satisfied. Peace will not come from the shiny objects of this world.

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June 30, 2019 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Homily by Rev. Deacon Walt Hollis

Deacon told us who we are to follow, and what that entails. There is nothing about following Jesus that does not require effort. All other responsibilities should never take priority over following Jesus. Discipleship is not something that should be entered into casually. To know Him is to love Him. How do we show God our love? Our journey with Christ begins at our baptism, with a promise to make His way of life our own.

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