Latest "Our Sunday Homily"

September 15, 2019 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Homily by Rev. Deacon Walt Hollis

Deacon told us about "choices". We make different choices everyday. Israel turned away from God and worshiped the golden calf. Moses pleaded on their behalf asking for God's forgiveness and mercy, which God granted. In the gospel, Jesus used the prodigal son to answer the outrage of the Pharisees for Jesus' association with sinners. The scriptures repeatedly show how God is a merciful God, even when we sin over and over again, wanting to restore to us our heritage.

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September 8, 2019 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Homily by Fr. Agustín Guzmán, C.O.

Father told us about the gospel of Luke, and how we take the readings as being somewhat offensive, where Jesus tells us that "anyone who does not hate their mother or father, or brother or sister, or daughter and son, is not worthy of being my disciple." What it means is that God must be first, there cannot be anything that takes priority over our relationship with Jesus.

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