Latest "Our Sunday Homily"

May 12, 2019 4th Sunday of Easter
Homily by Rev. Dr. Terrence R. Chisolm

Deacon told us that God speaks to us to look upon Jesus as the Good Shepherd who gives us eternal life. He told us how our mother's have shepherded us. He spoke how the mothers have guided us to walk in the way of the Good Shepherd. It is important that we hear and recognize to the Good Shepherd, but many of us might listen to the shepherd with a lower case "s". Paul and Barnabus spoke to a large crowd, but they were ridiculed by the leaders.

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May 5, 2019 3rd Sunday of Easter
Homily by Fr. Paul Brenninkmeijer

Father told us about the disciples going on a night fishing tour. They were fishermen by trade. But they had a 3 year break from their work. They had been with Jesus, basking in the perfected glory and enthusiastic approval rating of those around Him everywhere. All the miracles and healings had been a part of their daily diet. But now all of a sudden, that glory was gone. And now they seem to have even lost the knack of how to fish. But then after they saw Jesus now for the 3rd time since the Resurrection, they still didn't recognize Him. Do we fail to recognize Jesus as He calls us?

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