Prison Ministry

"...I was in prison and you visited me." Matthew 25:36 Jesus tells us to love our neighbors through discipleship. We love our neighbors by praying for them, showing them mercy and serving them, especially those whom our Lord calls "the least of my brothers". Over 350 of the "least of my brothers" reside behind the walls of the York County Jail where they are repaying their debt to society. The St. Mary prison ministry is dedicated to the truth that we serve Jesus by serving the incarcerated. Our purpose is to be our Lord's eyes, His hands and His feet and to shine His love in this dark and lonely place. All members of St. Mary can visit those in prison by praying for them, supporting them, and if the Holy Spirit moves you, by volunteering at the jail. Jesus lives in prison. Info: Dave Shiple, (803) 207‐0517,