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Guidlines for Church Re-opening

posted May 13, 2020, 6:29 AM by St. Mary Catholic Church   [ updated May 14, 2020, 8:34 AM ]
  • Sunday Mass will resume with limited restrictions on Sunday, May 17, 2020.
  • There will be both an 8 am and 10 am Mass.
  • Friday Daily Mass will resume on Friday, May 22, 2020 at 9:30 am.
  • The 9 am live streaming will now be replaced with live streaming of the 10 am Mass.

Essential personal:
• Priest, Deacons, Musician (1), Lector (1), Ushers (2), Maintenance

Attendees: 25% of church building capacity
• Parishioners- Total number allowed 75.
• Guests- Total number allowed 25.

Maintain at least six feet of separation at all times (entering, sitting, Communion procession, leaving)

Entrance and Exit of church building:
• Only one entry and exit of church will be allowed.
• The entrance will be the double doors facing the Saint Martin de Porres statue.
• The exit will be the double doors facing the bell of the church.

Entrance and Exit of church worship space:
• Before Mass entrance will take place through the right door and the door will be propped open.
• When Mass begins the entrance door will be closed.
• When Mass ends, each row will be escorted by usher to exit church through the designated exit door.

Guidelines during Mass
• No liturgical aids will be distributed at Mass.
• Every other pew cordoned off (when sitting in pew adhere to social distancing).
• Only families may sit closely together.
• No sharing of the Sign of Peace.
• No holding of hands.
• No procession of gifts.
• When receiving Communion:

o Single file line and maintain a distance of 6 feet from the person in front. Marking will be placed on the floor.
o Strongly recommend that Holy Communion be received in the hand.
o A hand sanitizing table stand will be designated in the church.

• Collection box for offertory will be placed on the back center wooden table as you enter and exit church.
• A table near the back light switches as you enter the church will have disinfectants and cleaning supplies readily available.

Additional guidelines
• No social gatherings before or after Mass, e.g. coffee and donuts.
• No entering or exiting of undesignated locations. 
• COVID-19 entrance display flyer posted on Entrance of church. 
• If parishioners have protective masks, it is strongly encouraged that they wear them.

Priest and Deacons
• Limit activities to the sacraments only.
• No procession of the offertory gifts of bread and wine should take place. They will be brought forward from a credence table in the sanctuary.
• Remove holy water from the holy water fonts.
• On the sanctuary ensure social distancing is maintained.
• Should not contact exposed skin.
• Communion under the Precious Blood is not to be offered at this time.
• Communion to the homebound remains suspended.

• Limit the number of people in the worship space to 25% of capacity of church building.
• Monitor Entrance, inside, and exiting of church that at least six feet of separation at all times.
• Place collection box on back table.
• Prop open door into church worship space.
• At the end of Mass exit each row and direct them towards the exit.

• Someone available before, during, and after Mass to sanitize church, per CDC guidelines.
• Ensure proper cleaning of frequently touched surfaces in the church after each Mass concludes, per CDC guidelines.
• Hand sanitizer at the church entrance and located inside of church.
• Put markings on the floor to guide people on proper distancing guidelines when going up to receive Communion.
• Cordon off every other pew.
• Removal of all hymnal and liturgical aids from church pews and put in flower room.
• Have disinfectants and cleaning supplies readily available on a table near the back light switches. 
• Cordon off water fountains. 
• Notification/Signage for Bathrooms.


Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston Guidelines for Resumption of Mass