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Respect Life: 

The Example of Three Women in the Bible

The pregnancies of three women many centuries ago changed world history profoundly. These women were Hannah, Elizabeth and Mary,
Hannah was unable to conceive until God intervened (Samuel 1: 1-3). Elizabeth was also unable to conceive and was too old to bear a child until God intervened (Luke 1:15-25) Mary was a virgin, betrothed for marriage to Joseph (Matthew 1:18-23). 

These three seemingly ordinary Jewish women listened to God and accepted their unexpected pregnancies and their obedience changed the course of history and the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

Consider for a moment if any of these women had been capable of and had submitted to an abortion. Certainly, all of them had a reasonable excuse not to want a child. Hannah and Elizabeth were too old to become first-time mothers.  Mary was only a very young girl; she was unmarried and a virgin, living at a time when pregnancy before marriage and adultery could have been punished by death.

God had a plan for their respective children--Samuel, John the Baptist and Jesus, even before they were born. God has a plan for every unborn child today.  We should not interfere and tamper with His plan, which happens every time a child is aborted.