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Respect Life: 

What Gives Us Human Dignity and Worth?

Are we inherently valuable because we are human, or are there certain qualities (like appearance) that make some of us more valuable than others?

In America in the 1800's, a slave was not considered a person. Oh yes, intellectually, everyone knew that a slave was a biological member of the human race – but that was not enough. Instead of having inherent worth, a slave was denied rights. Similarly, Hitler exterminated thousands of the mentally and physically ‘unfit’ before turning on millions of gypsies, homosexuals and Jews.

Are you a valuable human being? Are you worthy of life and rights? If so, why? Is it because of your age? Your appearance? Your size? Your intelligence? Your success in life? The amount of money you have? Your race? Your gender? Your capabilities?

Or is it because you are a human being?

If you have inherent worth simply because you are a living human and not because of external characteristics, then what of an preborn baby? 

Abortion is wrong for the same reasons as slavery and other human rights violations are wrong--- because it victimizes a human being with inherent worth and dignity.