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The Bereavement Ministry was created to provide comfort, however needed, to families who are experiencing grief. It began as a result of firsthand experience and a desire to help others through the process.

The ministry has been active for about 7 years. There currently are 10-12 ministers. Members share a concern to comfort people through what may be the hardest experience of their lives. Many people don’t know “how to feel” after experiencing the loss of someone. Life AND death is normal. This ministry helps by validating the feelings and helping as needed.

There are no requirements to join this group. No regular meetings are held. Members attend the funerals (to represent the parish), and are available for home visits (as needed). St Mary Catholic Church is a family – everyone, whether a member of this ministry or not, is invited to attend funerals. People shouldn’t grieve alone during what may be the hardest experience of their lives. Anyone who would like to help is invited. Please contact Carolyn Costello, at (803) 980-6417 for more information on how you can help. 

To obtain help, simply call the office and they will contact the team. In addition to attendance at the funeral, your loved one is also enrolled in a perpetual Mass/prayer association (currently through the Oratory). Care Note Booklets addressing a variety of grieving experiences are freely available on the stand in the “Gathering Space”. The group also sponsors the All Souls Mass and meal. 

Carolyn Costello