February 24, 2019 The 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Homily by Rev. Dr. Joseph Pearce, C.O., Pastor

Father told us about today's 1st reading where David tells his men to not harm God's anointed one, King Saul, because no one can harm God's anointed one without being punished. Father told us that all of us are anointed when we were baptized. When we hurt someone, we hurt God's anointed one. When we fail to forgive someone, we fail to forgive God's anointed one. Father even though David's heart was good in this example, David didn't always do right, just as we don't always do right. But David repented, and God forgave him. God can also forgive us if we repent.

Also included is Black History Month presentation with Liturgical Dance by Tamesha Benson.

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