January 20, 2019 The 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Homily by Deacon Wallis Hollis

Deacon told us that God reveals His glory in the most unlikely of places, in a stable at Bethlehem, and at the bank of the Jordan River at a wedding party in Cana, and again on a cross at Golgotha. In today's gospel we hear of Jesus' first miracle. Most of us realize that a marriage begins with great joy, surrounded by lots of hopes and dreams. At first, the wine is plentiful, and as time passes as demands happen, the joy may seem to lessen. The wine has a slightly different taste. What is meant is that relationships require lots of effort and commitment. Depending on our situation, the effort can be a delightful one, or not. In much of scripture, the bible refers to Jesus as the groom, and us as His bride.

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